casa candela A moment of connection: spa in the middle of the mountains

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17 June 2024

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A moment of connection: spa in the middle of the mountains

Spa in the middle of the mountains

A moment of connection: spa in the middle of the mountains

Imagine a place where you find the serenity of a simpler life, where every detail is designed to reconnect with yourself and the earth. Welcome to Casa Candela and it’s spa in the middle of the mountains.

Located in western Antioquia, less than an hour from the city of eternal spring. The concept of wellness is the ideal getaway near Medellin.

Casa Candela Spa becomes an oasis of harmony between soul, body and mind, designed to give you the wellness you need.

Come and discover it!


Nests: a refuge of wellness

The spa is one of the treasures you will find during your visit to Casa Candela, with it’s modern and creative design in the form of nests, it elevates the relaxation experience. Its main objective is to offer intimacy and connection in the midst of nature, a multi-sensory experience!

Therapies and rituals

Our holistic therapies and rituals are designed not only to relax the body, but also to rejuvenate the soul. Essential oil massages and hot stone therapies are just some of the options available. 

If what you need is to release tension in the body, we recommend the African Bamboo Cane Massage, which you will surely appreciate!


Rituals: a spiritual journey

To enter into balance with the body, soul and mind is essential, so in our rituals you will find moments of purification and guided meditations, which lead to spiritual connection.

Every day at Casa Candela Spa we have yoga classes in the morning and every Wednesday we perform a ceremony called the Dream Ritual.

The natural environment in which the Casa Candela Spa is immersed provides a holistic wellness experience. Each activity is designed to experience a connection with the environment, in order to lower the stress caused by the hectic pace of everyday life.


This spa in the middle of the mountains is a place where you can reconnect with yourself and with nature, finding the balance and peace you so desperately need.


Are you ready for an escape of tranquility?