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Biosecurity protocol

  • To minimize the cases of contagion due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the planning, preparation, and incorporation of prevention measures for mitigating and responding to COVID-19 risk situations have been carried out.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least one meter.
  • Avoid as much as possible work that requires group actions.
  • In common areas, social distancing should be maintained.
  • The use of masks is mandatory.
  • Hand washing and personal hygiene is the primary prevention and control measure for Covid-19.
  • To prevent the spread of Covid-19 by contact, disinfection of handles, handrails, locks, and other elements that are quickly and constantly in touch will be done. 
  • Supplies of glycerin alcohol, a minimum of 60% and a maximum of 95%, will be available in the following places: Guest and employee entrance, bathrooms, dining room, food and beverage area, reception, room corridors, common room entrances, and parking lots. 
  • Coughing and sneezing must be done by covering the mouth and nose with disposable tissues. 
  • Garbage cans will be provided with a non-manual opening system to avoid contact with surfaces.

Protocol for reporting employee symptoms


Workers’ health is essential to prevent the spread of the virus in all areas of the hotel. Workers should avoid going to the workplace if they present symptoms of flu, cough or difficulty breathing, or a fever greater than 38°C and should inform their immediate supervisor. The employer and the worker must report the case to the EPS and the corresponding Health Department to evaluate the worker’s condition. If a worker presents symptoms of respiratory disease during the workday, the following protocol should be followed:

– Inform the immediate boss.

– Suspend activities.

– Inform if you traveled to areas considered a source of infection or had contact with someone confirmed Covid-19 within 2 meters for more than 15 minutes.

– Report the case to the EPS and to the person in charge of occupational health and safety to make the respective report to the ARL.

– Make a list of the persons with whom you have been in contact at less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes. 

– In case of being positive for Covid-19, inform all these people so that they can make the corresponding procedure in the EPS.

– Perform daily monitoring of health status and symptoms.


Protocol for reporting guest symptoms


If a guest reports symptoms such as flu, cough or difficulty breathing, or a fever greater than 38°C, the worker who evidences the symptoms or receives the report from the guest must follow the following protocol: 

– Inform the immediate supervisor.

– Attempt to separate the guest from others as much as possible.

– Ask the guest to contact their physician or EPS for instructions.

– Only transport the guest with medical advice.

– If an infected guest checks out, follow the steps in the room disinfection procedure.

– If the Covid-19 confirmed guest checks out of the hotel but other guests remain in their room, ask them to contact their physician immediately. Employees may only enter the room once disinfection has been performed by trained personnel.

– If the hotel should have a confirmed case of COVID-19, the hotel should consider informing other guests without giving out the infected guest’s information or room number.


Isolation actions in the hotel


– The guest should stay in a well-ventilated room, with the door closed and a window that can be opened and faces an area with good ventilation.

– Visitors should not be allowed to enter the room where the person is in isolation.

– Avoid contact with other guests.

– Management or any member of the Management Committee should be notified immediately if the guest in isolation leaves the hotel.

– Items such as food or medication requested by the guest should be left outside the room, indicating to the guest in isolation that they should put on the surgical mask to pick up their order.

– Persons providing care to the isolated guest should wear a surgical mask and disposable gloves (once used, they should be discarded, and hands should be washed).