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Casa Candela

24 May 2024

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Gastronomic Experience in Western Antioquia

Gastronomic Experience in Western Antioquia

Experiencia gastronomica

Experiencia gastronómica al Occidente de Antioquia

It’s time for a gastronomic journey in true best Casa Candela style, this earthly paradise less than an hour away from Medellin is located in western Antioquia and offers a author signature dining experience.


Signature Cuisine 

Our gastronomy represents the fusion between local food and signature cuisine elevated to the maximum expression of tropical flavor. Here you will be able to delight yourself with authentic dishes that will make your palate vibrate, you will enjoy exuberant flavors in our preparations, without a doubt, exquisite!


Our chef prints his creativity and unique style in each dish, also the preparation with local ingredients highlights the richness of the products of the region, promoting sustainability and supporting local producers, becoming a mandatory stop in Western Antioquia. Don’t forget to ask for the chef’s recommended top 3, you’ll be surprised!


Authentic flavors

Coming to Casa Candela is an experience that you must live if you are in Colombia, since the flavors of our restaurant combine in a unique way, between local, fresh ingredients and innovative culinary techniques that make each bite an explosion of flavors. 


Flavors for all tastes

Here you will find options for all tastes and palates, from simple dishes to more elaborate ones such as a delicious Curry Tiger Prawns to a Grilled Churrasco.  But it doesn’t end here, this season the chef made a top 3 recommended dishes. Are you ready to try them?


GRILLED OCTOPUS: a delicious grilled octopus with Genovese pesto, which combined with a bed of sautéed Creole potatoes with roasted onions in hazelnut butter and caramelized onions give the touch of sweetness and freshness that this dish needs.


POKE BOWL WITH SALMON: fresh and vibrant flavors, the freshness of marinated salmon with crunchy pistachios, accompanied by gohan rice and fresh vegetables that provide the touch of freshness and crunchiness.


CRISPY TUNA RICE crunchy bites with gohan rice croquettes, accompanied by a delicious tuna tart, with a mayo-guajillo sauce that complements the flavors.


It’s time to relax in this paradise called Casa Candela and enjoy memorable moments with your favorite person. An experience in Colombia, in a hotel in the middle of the mountains of Antioquia. Our location is privileged, we are in San Jeronimo, less than an hour away from Medellin and we are part of the most touristic area of the State.


We are ready to offer you a gastronomic experience in Casa Candela, the paradise!