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Spa San Jerónimo

Reconnect your being in the middle of a natural environment


Let yourself be surprised by the charm of a peaceful environment.

Renew your body with one of our massages

and free your mind through rituals of connection with nature.

A recharge of vital energy


Surrounded by the inspiration of nature and the mountains of Antioquia, this collection of treatments and rituals will allow you to live an experience of total balance. When combined with water, sensory therapies will elevate your senses, allowing you to comfort your body and soul.

Four private nests, elevated six meters off the ground, where you will receive personalized therapies with a spectacular panoramic view of western Antioquia.

Hot and cold water pools, where you will experience a thermal shock that will help stimulate circulation; you will also experience a fun shower in a waterfall of revitalizing water and finish with a tub in warm rose water that will allow you to feel relaxed.

A eucalyptus Turkish bath will envelop your skin with the warm humidity, opening your lungs and reducing inflammation, in addition to a Finnish sauna where the dry heat, combined with the wood of the place, will provide the ideal experience to revitalize your system.

Live a luxurious experience nourishing your body and spirit with our combination of therapies that offer a unique experience and meet the rituals: Earthly Energy, Garden Dream, Couples Oasis, and Friends Plan.

Hotel San Jerónimo

Revitalize your senses


A journey of wellness and relaxation to the inside of your being.
Indulge yourself with body and facial treatments
to exfoliate, moisturize, and nourish your skin.


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